Graced By Her

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It was cold wintery morning in the beginning of February and the setting was no grand, just some hills gracing the background, an old cottage by the woods, away from the noise of life, they lived in the solitude of togetherness, until tomorrow.

Our protagonist was not one of those to be allured by metaphors, I rather keep her to what she was, ethereal yet she graced the world.
She was built like a dream, the one he could see with eyes wide open, her eyes were deep brown with no hint of sadness, she would cry with a smile on her face, her curls were her crown that graced her being, her laughter was gold, and he was scared to look away from her in fear of missing something she would do in that moment of his negligence, everything she did was magic to him and he dared not lose a bit of her in moments fleeting by, and he was just a boy in love with her and in this respect he was a man now.

They had already spent a month together in bliss, talking in whispers often, the distance was minimal, the bedroom was cramped up to ensure they had a lot of them in very less of anything else, there was a big window behind the bed on the right side, and on the top of the glass that would open as easily with a flick, was written in paint, “To Wonderland” and the edges of the letters displayed all sorts of amazement and hope, with which it was written.

“The sky tonight is meant to be lit up and tomorrow there would be no sun to carry on the days, this night will be different and the day would be late,” he said while washing the dishes and looking away into the distance.

“I know, but like last night, I would still be in your arms, the world would be still the same, the time will just flow as such until there is enough of it and we will make sure that the last breathing thing we see is each other, close enough to land our breaths on each other like last goodbyes, with no regrets.”

They followed the daily routine of watering the flowers, of taking a walk down into the woods, hand in hand, slow, in small steps bare feet, enough skin on the earth to make them feel one with universe, the cold breeze brushing her hair and carrying with it the scent of all the flowers it had touched until reaching them. This had been same for them since a month, from the day the inevitable was announced, the day they decided to live together, until tomorrow.

They soon reached the end of a cliff not much far away from what had been there home, as the sun graced the sky for the last time, she praised the sight with happiness on her face glowing like a star that needs no dark sky to exist regardless.

“What would you call today if you were to name it,” she asked softly resting her head on his shoulder.

“I would name it after you grace,” looking at her while moving her palm over her face to cover up in an attempt to save her from what was to come.

She smiled in a way to let him know that she knew his answer before he did.

After spending a good comforting deal of time with each other under the sky, they started there walk back to there home and reached just in time to dine and then dress up for one last date, the one they wished they could carry along to the next phase, wherever it is, if it is even there.

She wore a black dress that fit her perfectly, around all her edges, the cloth complimented her existence to every inch and her smile radiated to every atom of his, in a manner that happiness is shared without knowing, without trying, in a way you are one being in two different bodies existing merely to witness each other.

Five minutes before the clock would strike nine, he made her sit on the edge of the bed, they have shared all these nights, he went down on his knees, holding her hand with one and reaching for his pocket with other.

He used his lips to open up the letter he had written this morning, making sure he didn’t let go of her hand.

In a soft brittle voice he started speaking :

“My dear Grace,
We all get one chance at this life and ours is limited, sadly we don’t get to decide when to enter and when to leave, but I am glad leaving together has a hint of peace in it. You, my beloved deserved to be loved like love itself loves you, between the breaths, beyond understanding, beyond logic, with a hint of madness, to the extremes of disbelief, the universe in some way was carved like this so one day you would walk upon it and love could have a chance at you, you deserve to be loved like this and in no way will I love you any less. I had this idea of beauty in my head long before I saw you, but you walked over it bare feet directly into my heart, into my soul and I have never been the same again, tonight is the night of our calling and you are the woman I was made man for, this is the love we are going to die with.

The sky was soon lit up like it had been announced a month ago, they looked at each other and then leaned to kiss for one last time in wait of the end to reach them slowly and then all at once, tonight they would be stricken off history, but they had made sure they have lived enough not to care about being remembered after their time.

The smoke soon filled the sky and there was no hint of the stars, or the moon, just like the night, there was no hint of life, humans did it again, killed and robbed, in the name of life.

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Graced By Her

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